Whangara is a part of us, and now the partners have unified to form a single, powerful partnership. We are devoted towards premium quality beef, lamb and wool products, and have built a business with the utmost regard for sustainability, quality and longevity.

We are leaders in our industry as we share our manaakitanga with all. We share the quality and bounty of our harvest with you.

Prime Angus

For over 30 years now we’ve farmed Angus cattle here at Whangara Farms. Allowed to roam free amongst the beautiful countryside, it’s a wonderful quality of life for them, and results in a delicious tasting product on your plate too.

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Prime Lamb

We farm Romney sheep here at Whangara Farms; they’re well suited to the hilly terrain, produce strong, healthy lambs and a delicious and consistent quality of meat. 

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Premium Wool

Healthy, happy sheep grow the best wool, so at Whangara Farms we make sure we nourish and care for our animals all year round.

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